Friday, February 5, 2010

Homework Package

Be sure to check your class blog for the homework package due on Monday.

1. Pg 190-193

2. Pg 168-170

3. Pg 180-182

4. Pg 162-164

5. Pg 174-176


7. Trudy, Shana, Saira, Kendra, and Tracie are on team A. Jordan, Micheal, Terrance, Sean, and Suni are on team B. Use a tree diagram to show all possible outcomes if the coach assigns each person a team B to defend against a player on team A. Write the sample space.

8. A toonie is flipped and a 4 sided die is rolled using a chart find P(tails and an odd number).

9. Create and answer a probability question with the results of 0%, 20%, 60%, and 100%.

10. A jar contains 4 pink, 26 purple, and 9 orange marbles. The marbles are drawn at random. What are the chances you get 2 pink marbles in a row without replacing the first marble.?

11. All corrections from the probability unit test.

Have good weekend.


  1. Mr. Isfield, what was the website for the text book agian?

  2. Casey: the website was

  3. Mr. Isfeld, I think for number 2 it is suppose to be 186-189, because I don't remember doing 180-182.

  4. Mr.Isfeld when I went to the textbook website,It said something about Acrobat or something.Can I finish my homework in lunch?