Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Friday, February 5, 2010

Homework Package

Be sure to check your class blog for the homework package due on Monday.

1. Pg 190-193

2. Pg 168-170

3. Pg 180-182

4. Pg 162-164

5. Pg 174-176


7. Trudy, Shana, Saira, Kendra, and Tracie are on team A. Jordan, Micheal, Terrance, Sean, and Suni are on team B. Use a tree diagram to show all possible outcomes if the coach assigns each person a team B to defend against a player on team A. Write the sample space.

8. A toonie is flipped and a 4 sided die is rolled using a chart find P(tails and an odd number).

9. Create and answer a probability question with the results of 0%, 20%, 60%, and 100%.

10. A jar contains 4 pink, 26 purple, and 9 orange marbles. The marbles are drawn at random. What are the chances you get 2 pink marbles in a row without replacing the first marble.?

11. All corrections from the probability unit test.

Have good weekend.